The Novels

The Way of the Redeemer


Book 1 - A Harrowing Education (Available for all e-reader formats, only $2.99!)


Andrew Masterson has quietly spent his fifteen years in the tiny town of Skenny. But his world is quickly changed by a series of life-altering events in the span of one fateful week. Andrew will question all he has known about his family, life, and the Great Provider's teachings and protections.


After the sudden emergence of remarkable ability, Andrew is forced into a journey that will take him far from Skenny. Shepherded by a seemingly menacing guide, he will meet the Great Provider and make his way through the dark, ominous wood known as The Harrowing. At the end of this journey lies the Tainted Isle and the unknown fate that awaits Andrew there…



Elliot May, P.E.D. Novels


Book 1 - An Untoward Induction (Available for all e-reader formats, only $2.99!)


An Untoward Induction Cover

Elliot May is a bitter, fifty-year-old unraveller of mysteries in the Kingdom of Brogonough. Unfortunately, his three decades of success have ultimately been bad for business, as months now pass between problems to solve. His only friend, Cullath, has grown tired of Elliot's new pastime - the boundless consumption of ale and spirits - and encourages him to take a look back. 


As Elliot writes his memoir, learn how an honor-bound twenty-year-old squire, about to be knighted, ended up spending the next thirty years chasing clues, solving puzzles, and breaking rules. As he writes his pages he will recall meeting a mysterious, beautiful prisoner in the castle dungeon, attempt to exonerate his friend's uncle - who faces death - and accept a change in the course he expected his life to take. 


Also follow the older Elliot as he pursues a new mystery, one which will take him into the Kingdom of Dennivar in pursuit of an assassin named The Dove. He and Cullath will join with a bright teenaged girl, Emmy, and attempt to avert a war between Brogonough and Dennivar. Will Elliot fight off his indifference, and his demons? 

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