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"An excellent fantasy story, written by a talented author. The story of Andrew Masterson's journey from the young boy in the beginning to the warrior he becomes in the end kept me glued to my e-reader to see what happens next.
What I found great about this tale were all the little details that come together to create the subplots and intricacies of life in The Harrowing.
I am definitely excited for the next book to come out to discover the fate of Andrew. Definitely a recommend for fantasy buffs."

"It's packed with story and characters that we get a taste of, and sets the stage for the next stories to come. It's Hunger Games meets Harry Potter, with elaborate worlds within worlds… I can't wait to see what Andrew finds in the next books!!"

"...You will fall in love with the main character, Andrew, while watching him change from a boy to a man on his journey. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to escape for a bit, because this book will wrap you up and leave you wanting more."

"...Michael McGuire does an amazing job developing characters and scenery and knows how to lure the reader in..."

"Great read! You certainly get a real feel for the characters and their relationships, especially between Andrew and his guide. You get to see Andrew evolve from being a scared teenager to a more-confident man. I'm looking forward to see what lies ahead for him in the next book!"

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