South Australia. The nation’s North Korea. A one-party state.

South Australia is becoming the nation’s own little North Korea.  A one-party state. Sure, we go through the process of having elections. But like North Korea, the result is never really in doubt. There was a shock last year in the North Korean poll when some official candidates received less than 100 per cent of…

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The AFL must hate the game’s fans

The start of the AFL year is upon us and it’s hard to remember a more low-key start to the season. And I say this as a Swans fan whose team is playing tonight. As ever the AFL, thinking themselves the smartest people in the room, reveal themselves to be the dumbest. In reaching for…

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The Nuclear pipe dream

This latest nuclear power fever dream from Peter Dutton is really quite odd. Relying, as it does, on a technology that doesn’t really exist at the moment, on costs that are unknowable, in locations yet to be determined and on a timeframe that would be several decades away. Or maybe it’s not odd. Maybe it’s…

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