The Trumpian threat to this week’s good shipbuilding news

It’s been a good week for the SA economy and the shipbuilding industry. The  confirmation that six Hunter frigates will be built here, followed by the AUKUS nuclear subs gives a bit of confidence to an industry that changes direction more often than prime Eddie Betts weaving his way towards goal. Still, it’s not all…

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Nemesis provides depressing insight into what drives MPs. Hint. Not you.

After watching the second part of the ABC’s Nemesis documentary this week on the 10 years of the last Coalition government, it is easy to see why Australia is facing such grave policy challenges on so many fronts. Because for a decade nothing really got done. Instead, Australia was held hostage to the whims, selfishness…

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Can Libs sell raising taxes for 90 per cent of workers?

Well, if nothing else, it’s bold. Possibly even brave. But Peter Dutton’s Libs appear to be going to the next election promising tax rises for around 90 per cent of Australian workers. Going to be fascinating to see how they make that work. Labor and Anthony Albanese, on the other hand, have to sell that…

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