Wanting Australia Day moved doesn’t mean you hate Australia

One of the enduring tropes from those on the right is that any criticism of events such as Australia Day means the rest of us “hate Australia’’. They then throw in something about “wokes’’ and “elites’’ and that is basically their entire argument. A good rule of thumb is that if someone uses the word…

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Mourning real people is one thing, but is it ok to lament fictional characters as well?

To an extent I can see why people get so upset and teary when celebrities die. The untimely death of Matthew Perry the other week being the latest case in point. Now, the appeal of Friends always bypassed me. To quote something I seem to recall the great Billy Connolly saying when describing Neighbours many…

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Cricket, like football, tennis and golf should not be at the Olympics

So, now we are going to have cricket at the Olympics. Another example that nothing drives and inspires the International Olympic Commission quite like money does. Cricket at the Olympics is entirely unnecessary, except the IOC has its greedy eyes on bolstering broadcast revenue in India. Apparently, Indian broadcasters paid around $US20 million for the…

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