Two days to go. If you don’t know, find out.

One more time for the hard of listening. With only two days to go until the referendum it seems important to point out that if the Yes votes gets up, no one loses anything at all. That may seem hard to believe amid the welter of disinformation and lies that are routinely spouted by the…

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Vote Yes for a fairer Australia

The most compelling reason to vote Yes in next week’s referendum is that the current system has manifestly failed Indigenous Australians. And has done so since the first days of colonization. The stats are out there for all to see. The early deaths, the incarceration rates, the children taken from families, the poorer health outcomes…

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Hello, and welcome to my website. This is a first for me. Maybe, it’s a belated entry into the digital age, but I’m here now and hopefully it will be fun. As you can see, I’ve written a couple of books. The intention is to write a few more, so I’ll keep you updated on…

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